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What are the benefits of VoIP monitoring solutions?

VoIP monitoring solutions have different advantages. You can monitor and control each network in the VoIP infrastructure. You can keep your network bug-free to meet the requirements your company needs. These tools free you from the complexity of network administration.

voip monitoring solutions
voip monitoring solutions

  • Bandwidth monitoring: No matter your VoIP monitoring tool, you can see your network's bandwidth. If the bandwidth is close to depleting, you should be careful as there may be problems with the call flows.

  • New technology integration: Companies face problems when they try to integrate new technologies into their existing systems. VoIP monitoring solutions help them by calculating the workload on the network in the best way.

  • Performance measuring: They are necessary to see what is happening in the network. You can regularly measure network performance. By detecting the differences in performance, you can ensure the continuity of service quality.

  • Recognizing security threats: Companies are often caught off guard against cyber threats. When you use a VoIP monitoring solution, you can notice all the anomalies in the network and create notifications for them.

  • Keep up with growth: If your VoIP network expands over time and you're satisfied with its performance, you can configure your monitoring solution to keep up with the expansion. This will save you additional costs.

  • Ability to detect problems: If you use the right software, you can see VoIP network problems in advance. You can reduce your network's downtime as much as possible and maintain your company's quality of service.

  • Extending network visibility: VoIP monitoring solutions come in handy if you want to maximize network visibility. You can manage to closely monitor the traffic, devices, and performance on the network.

  • Adapting to changes: You can listen to detailed information about network devices. Your needs on your VoIP network may change over time. To adapt to these, you must perform network management effectively.

  • Regulating resource usage: VoIP networks can be heavy at times. It is important to consume resources correctly according to the simultaneous incoming calls. To ensure this, you must follow the network closely.

  • Generating network usage reports: You can prepare reports when you closely monitor the performance of the VoIP network. When you do this, you can determine the needs of your network and make the necessary adjustments and upgrades.

The primary purpose of your VoIP system is to maintain your company's voice communication. Even though the technology has many advantages, attention should be paid to its safety. The right VoIP monitoring tools give you this possibility and much more.

What are the best VoIP monitoring solutions?

Finding the best VoIP monitoring solution is not easy. Software manufacturers are constantly improving their products. For this reason, it may be possible for one to dominate the other over time. However, some of them always remain among the best solutions.

1. ThousandEyes

ThosandsEyes is a comprehensive VoIP monitoring software. It examines every network segment down to the last detail. It tries to keep the service quality at the highest level by following SIP signals and RTP streams. It controls almost everything on your network end-to-end.

The software can solve the problems in your VoIP system within minutes. First, it diagnoses the VoIP issues and gives detailed data about them. Since it monitors real-time audio streams, it can offer preventive solutions.

You can perform WAN control more effectively if you configure the software correctly. It is one of the most important tools to facilitate the VoIP system transition. You can clarify the network structure by creating various simulations.

Who should use this software: It has incremental pricing. It is ideal for businesses that don't want to pay more than they need for VoIP monitoring software. You can use the free trial version and run tests.

2. VoIPmonitor

VoIPmonitor is one of the most effective VoIP monitoring tools. It is designed for call analytics, but the most critical aspect is that it is open source. It gives you impressions of the calls by listening to the data packets. It checks for packet losses and transmission delays.

Even if the software is handy, it is not easy to say it is entirely user-friendly. It is an ideal option for using only open source software. It is necessary to turn to software that can work more conveniently and more stable in corporate structures.

The software works quite simply. The program introduces you to the automatically updated data stream. It does not neglect to present data such as jitter when measuring packet loss. The alert system is advanced enough to show all the problems in the network.

Who should use this software: For those experienced in VoIP monitoring and who want to use open source software. Since it is a free tool, it does not require additional payment.

3. SolarWinds Call Detail Record Tracker

SolarWinds Call Detail Record Tracker performs a straightforward task. It allows you to measure latency, jitter, and packet loss data on calls. With these metrics, you can evaluate call quality. You can also make a much more detailed analysis if you wish.

The software offers you different filter options while examining the data. You can access call details by using these filters. Since the tool works quite simply, no additional action is required. You just need to show the call log path.

Even though the software has different functionalities, it is not equipped with extensive features. It lets you spot problems but doesn't show you how to fix them. You can only filter the reports, and there is no customization option other than that.

Who should use this software: Ideal for those looking for a free VoIP monitoring tool. It does not provide access to comprehensive information. It is more correct to use it with other tools.

4. SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager

SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager provides detailed metrics for calls. It closely monitors WAN performance and provides its users with some insights. It is one of the most comprehensive VoIP monitoring solutions and is the first choice of most businesses.

The most significant advantage of this software is that the control panel is powerful. You can access all the necessary information on the panel. The data is presented in graphs, making it more understandable. You can easily find what you are looking for.

You can switch to various main areas from the top of the control panel. You can see the map of calls, data of failed calls, call paths, and gateways. You have the chance to check each one individually to get detailed information.

Who should use this software: Indispensable for those looking for a feature-packed VoIP network solution. It might be for you if you're looking for an all-in-one solution.

5. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is sensor-based software. The first 100 sensors are offered to users free of charge. You can get the VoIP monitoring solution you need without spending any money. Each recognized sensor is used for one operation.

The software includes Cisco IP SLA sensor for monitoring network data. You will encounter a dynamic control panel. Also, you see each of the critical metrics descriptively. Each one is legibly presented to you, and you evaluate it.

The data you can access with the tool includes jitter, source of delay, packet losses, and much more. You can choose the intervals at which you want to examine the data. Even if you need more daily data, you can do historical checks.

Who should use this software: Ideal for people who want to invest in VoIP monitoring software but are undecided. You can upgrade to various versions when the free sensors expire.

6. ExtraHop

ExtraHop is one of the VoIP monitoring software, and its most important feature is that it can detect problems quickly. It allows you to plunder traffic association between users and tiers. Detects issues before they affect communication performance.

You can analyze VoIP traffic extensively with this tool. You also have the opportunity to follow the data in real-time. It has a sensitive structure in examining data packages. It is pretty ideal for checking the status of the entire network.

The software is straightforward to install and configure. After installing the software, you can monitor VoIP performance and check security measures. However, it takes some time to get maximum efficiency from the software.

Who should use this software: Ideal for those looking for easy-to-install and simply configurable VoIP monitoring software. You should review the demo version before purchasing the software.

7. VoIP Spear

VoIP Spear is one of the most functional VoIP monitoring solutions. It allows you to monitor up to 100 endpoints. It keeps data monthly and creates a comprehensive warning system thanks to different test servers.

The software has advanced testing capabilities. You can support these testing capabilities with API access. Even in the free plan of the software, you have the opportunity to monitor the endpoints. You do not need to do any upgrades.

One of the software's advanced features is installing on your own server and testing. In this way, you get the endpoint data much more accurately. Thanks to the global servers supported by the software, you can monitor your VoIP network without interruption.

Who should use this software: Ideal for those who do not want to deal with additional installations. Installation is pretty simple, and you can try the software before purchasing. The trial period can be quickly canceled.

Choosing the right tool is very important in VoIP monitoring solutions. Open source software may not be very suitable for corporate structures. Because the user experience is not in the foreground in them. You should focus on what you need when making a decision for VoIP services and solutions.

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