Intuitive Labs

Automated protection against VoIP fraud and DoS attack

Our VoIP SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) cloud subscription services protect VoIP infrastructure from Denial of Service attacks and fraud. Our application offers detailed visibility in the VoIP calls, looks for attacks and blocks them in real-time. All it takes on the on-prem side is leight-weight traffic probes. Visualisation, analytics and security automation is available on a cloud. This way we relieve site admins from administering SIP security policies and deploy 24h real-time protection.

The intuitive labs solution stops attackers before they can inflict damage.

Block before Hit

We can block attacks at low layers at network edge before they propagate deeper in networks.

Effective Security

No need to buy additional hardware and administer SIP security policies. The complexity resides in cloud.

Block Attacks Earlier Than Late

Use of analytical tools and means of automated response are the only safe method to stop attacks timely.

Collective intelligence

We know what to block based on our algorithms and data gathered from our customers, end-users, pilots, honeynets and probes.

We Detect and Block VoIP Attacks Early

The Voice over IP (VoIP) technology is truly global: Companies operating telephony services can reach their users anywhere on the planet. The same holds however for attacks: they can come anytime from anywhere. At the same time it is incomparably more difficult for administrators to devise a gap-free security policy than for an attacker to find a security gap. It is therefore important to block proactively well-known attackers and attack patterns and monitor retroactively occurrences of anomalies pointing at a new attack. Among other counter-measures we monitor the public Internet in several geographic regions using our "honeynet" . The honeynet appears as SIP service to the attackers and collects their traffic traces for further analysis. Our observations are striking: when you start a machine it takes less than a minute before it receives the first scans seeking exploits. Remote password guessing attacks run at a stunning rate of 100-150 attempts per second. Attacks rate are most intense in off-hours on weekends. The conclusion is evident: it makes sense to safe-guard VoIP operations diligently.


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