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6 VoIP call-blocking software to fight spam

VoIP call-blocking software is software used to block unwanted calls or messages. You will have the opportunity to block numbers of your choosing and block anonymous calls that meet specific criteria.

Call-blocking software is suitable for businesses that receive high volumes of calls and constantly deal with unwanted calls. It is necessary to raise the overall efficiency of the VoIP system.

voip call blocking software

Why is VoIP call-blocking software important?

VoIP call-blocking software is valuable for all VoIP networks. It helps to reduce the number of unwanted calls to the system. Most of the time, unwanted calls are annoying and negatively affect users' productivity.

VoIP call-blocking software allows you to apply various filtering rules. Thanks to the rules you set, you stay away from unwanted calls. Thus, users get the opportunity to focus on more critical tasks.

VoIP call-blocking software is not only limited to improving the user experience. It also makes the VoIP system more secure. You get protection against various cyber security attacks like phishing methods.

The key factors for VoIP call-blocking software

You should clarify the requirements and consider your specific needs to choose the best VoIP call-blocking software. Even if the factors you need to consider are apparent, it is necessary to sift through them all.

  • Price: When choosing call-blocking software, it is crucial to consider your needs. However, before using any of them, you should examine the costs and compare them.

  • Usability: Call-blocking software should be easy to install and use. All directions offered by the developer should be understandable to everyone.

  • Compatibility: The call-blocking software you use must be compatible with your VoIP system. However, you can pay attention to their integration with other communication platforms.

  • Support: It may not be possible to use all call-blocking software without any problems. For this reason, you will need a certain level of technical and customer support.

  • Features: Blocking specific numbers is a standard feature. In addition, you may need to view calls, show caller ID, and different filtering options.

  • Effectiveness: The software you will use must prevent unwanted calls. It should offer you a variety of filters suitable for specific scenarios for extra usability.

  • Customization: The software should allow you to customize filters and lists. Sometimes, you need customizations to correct false detections.

  • Accuracy: The software you use should be highly able to detect unwanted calls. You should not use third-class software that does not have high accuracy.

In addition to all these, VoIP call-blocking software should not reduce the performance of your VoIP system. Look for your performance expectations even if the software is rich in support and features.

The best VoIP call-blocking software

VoIP call-blocking software can help you control your communication standards. Even though many different software is available, you should focus on the one that meets your needs.

1. Hiya

Hiya is software that identifies unwanted calls and blocks them effectively. It has a vast database of millions of different phone numbers. It acts following the data in this database.

Hiya is specially designed for VoIP systems. Its greatest strength is the ability to identify unwanted calls. It shows high performance in detecting unwanted calls with advanced algorithms.

Hiya has a caller ID feature in addition to call blocking. Users can see who is making incoming calls and where the calls are coming from. Thanks to Caller ID, it is easy to reject unknown numbers.

2. Intuitive Labs

Intuitive Labs has a very different operation than others. Unlike spam prevention tools, it is more comprehensive. It can provide in-depth information about the quality of a VoIP service.

Intuitive Labs has a very different operation than others. Unlike spam prevention tools, it is more comprehensive. It can provide in-depth information about the quality of a VoIP service.

Thanks to real-time data analysis, Intuitive Labs automatically intervenes when detecting anomalies. It lists all malicious calls and shares the data with its customers with the honeynet distributed worldwide.

3. RoboKiller

RoboKiller is software that can block unwanted calls on VoIP systems. However, spam protection is quite adequate. You have access to many data, including artificial intelligence-assisted spam analysis.

RoboKiller offers top performance in blocking calls. It has advanced algorithms to identify and block calls accurately. You can quickly get rid of many distracting factors like time-consuming spam calls.

RoboKiller is customizable software. Users can make various customizations to suit their own needs. The software's customization function is ideal for people who want more control over their calls.

4. TrueCNAM

TrueCNAM is software that can identify and block unwanted calls in VoIP networks. It has many different features, including detecting and blocking calls. The most striking aspect is the blocking lists.

TrueCNAM is not only equipped with a call-blocking feature. It can show the caller's name and location. You can define various rules that can block unknown numbers. So, everything is under your control.

TrueCNAM has been developed to integrate with many different VoIP platforms. It offers high-level solutions for issues such as spam detection. Also, it can increase the overall efficiency of VoIP communication.

5. YouMail

YouMail is one of the software that performs effectively in call blocking. It stands out thanks to its flexible structure and manages call blocking through a database. It will block all types of numbers considered spam.

In addition to the call-blocking feature, YouMail offers a voicemail feature. You can create personalized greetings specific to your company for all incoming calls. Also, you can perform voicemail forwarding.

YouMail has comprehensive and practical features. It may offer you a certain level of customization and protects your VoIP system from all unwanted calls. Then, it tries to improve your VoIP network performance.

6. Nomorobo

Nomorobo is software to block automatic and spam calls. When necessary, it can intercept calls and mark them as spam. In the remaining scenarios, it uses a blacklist of known phone numbers.

Nomorobo works in a cloud-based way. It is simple to use and does not pose any difficulties. It works for VoIP phones as well as regular phones. Its job is to block spam calls. But it can also block spam texts.

Nomorobo diverts all unwanted calls to a spot it calls a black hole. It performs real-time blocking. Afterward, it can enable the use of two-step verification. You can add some numbers to the whitelist if you wish.

Fight spam with VoIP call-blocking software

As a result, VoIP call-blocking software allows you to eliminate unwanted calls coming into your system. It can be used easily by anyone. Algorithms support the features of the software in the best way possible.

VoIP call blocking software blocks VoIP calls. It is especially ideal for dealing with telemarketing calls via call control. When it detects an unwanted caller or text message sender, it automatically blocks them.

Many software is equipped with features such as call registry and caller ID. You can find apps to block unwanted phone calls wherever you get VoIP service. All these are necessary to protect VoIP phone systems.

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