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FRAFOS and Intuitive Labs develop GPRD-compliant Zero Trust VoIP Security Monitor

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Berlin, April 13, 2022 - VoIP systems have established themselves as the standard solution for telephony in recent years. VoIP not only helps save money, it also enables flexible "work from anywhere". However, this makes it an increasingly popular target for cyberattacks. Administrators in public authorities and companies therefore need tools to monitor anomalies, attacks and the performance of their VoIP systems. The challenge here is to reconcile the telephony data collected in the process with the legally required employee data protection. Thanks to the newly developed Zero Trust VoIP Security Monitor from FRAFOS GmbH and Intuitive Labs GmbH, specialists in VoIP security solutions based in Berlin and Brandenburg, respectively, this is now possible at any time. "To our knowledge, the world's first monitoring tool for Zero Trust VoIP security and anomaly detection encrypts all collected telephony data during the collection process and displays the analysis results in anonymized form. If anomalies occur, they can be decrypted in a logged manner," said Dr. Dorgham Sisalem, CEO of FRAFOS GmbH.

GPRD-compliant: the Zero Trust VoIP Security Monitor encrypts all collected telephony data during the collection process and displays the analysis results in anonymized form.

Detailed monitoring of a VoIP system is an essential requirement for a safe, secure VoIP service. Since all telephone traffic, not just suspicious traffic, must always be monitored. This means however, that the administrator is able to analyze not only unusual behavior but also the telephony of every VoIP user. Hence, additional protective measures are needed to meet data protection requirements. Until now, the potential risk of misuse has usually been tacitly accepted due to a lack of alternatives, in the hope that the administrators will not misuse the system. However, according to legal and labor regulations, an all-round monitoring of the entire telephone behavior is to be regarded as an intrusion on the privacy of the employees and this type of data collection and analysis is therefore fundamentally prohibited.

Zero Trust VoIP Security Monitor for data privacy-compliant anonymous monitoring

With the Zero Trust VoIP Security Monitor, jointly developed by FRAFOS and Intuitive Labs, it is still possible for administrators to get an overview of the VoIP service's functionality in order to detect malicious behavior and analyze dropped calls. "However, there is now one key difference from other monitoring solutions: Zero Trust VoIP Security Monitor has built-in zero-trust concepts. The privacy of VoIP service users is preserved at all times," said Jiri Kuthan, CTO of Intuitivelabs GmbH. "A Zero Trust VoIP Security Monitor is therefore not only recommended for use in organizations with high data protection and security requirements, but wherever high value is placed on compliance and governance requirements."

All data captured by the Zero Trust VoIP Security Monitor is encrypted during the capture process, so all subsequent analysis and processing performed by the monitor is based on encrypted data. The results are displayed in anonymous form. The administrator can identify system and security issues, but cannot view user-related data.

Only when required by law, work regulations or technical necessity, the administrator of Zero Trust VoIP Security Monitor can view and process the encrypted data in plain text using a decryption key. Access to the data is logged in detail and can be made available on demand at any time.

The Zero Trust VoIP Security Monitor is offered as a cloud or on-premises solution.


With its future-proof WebRTC and session control solutions, such as the Session Border Controller (SBC), FRAFOS GmbH is a long-standing provider of VoIP security solutions for the highest quality and security requirements in Germany. The flagship of the company, which was founded in 2010, is the impressively flexible ABC SBC. As a component of the secunet SBC, FRAFOS technology is used as the standard SBC solution for security-oriented public institutions in the Federal Republic, where it acts as a firewall for VoIP systems. FRAFOS offers it in cooperation with the leading cybersecurity company secunet Security Networks AG as the only VoIP SBC premium solution certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for maximum security requirements (EAL4+).

About Intuitive Labs

Founded in 2020, Intuitive Labs has established itself as the premier address for GPRD-compliant VoIP monitoring. With its subscription-based cloud solution, Intuitive Labs enables enterprises and VoIP service providers to anonymously monitor and analyze their VoIP traffic while maintaining end-user privacy.

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