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Here we collect articles related to VoIP Security analysis: studies, academic publications, news articles, our own design perspective articles, and importantly security auditing tools. The material referred to from this page is published by third parties and does represent their views.


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requires specialisation. We think this argument counts even more in the security realm where complexity invites attackers to find security holes and makes audits more difficult. As VoIP is currently one of the most complex protocols, we think specialised VoIP solutions are the right choice and security is best served by a professional service operated by experts in a cloud. This is why we focus on implementing VoIP security by Analytics as a Services tools.

Intuition + Data + Algorithms

is what makes a program today. We put a parallel to Niklaus Wirth's equations from seventies that placed an equation between Programs and Data + Algorithms. We think the shift from Data to Big Data needs to be compensated on the Algorithm side of the equation by something stronger: that is Algorithms specialised on looking for a needle in haystack. We think that is exactly what Intuition is. We create software that implements intuition and helps to find abnormal network conditions that are hard to find otherwise.


has not been the part of the Internet architecture from early on. When it began to catch up, it changed many aspects of the Internet architecture. Today, Software-Defined-Networks and manageable security devices help to answer dynamically to security threats and reduce Time-To-Respond. See our view how middleboxes emerged. Our software architecture aims to be highly effective even in the age of cloud and encryption by correlating various sources of data and generating automated security response.


has been fueling innovation in the past two decades. Importantly for us, shift to cloud has created credible business models for open-source companies. See how we perceive the evolution of open-source business model in the past two decades. We keep using open-source for building our software and disclose source code publicly with our commercially licensed software, while keeping the primary focus on offering a complete and comprehensive cloud service.

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