Our services



Our commercial offering is Security Analytics as a Service for anyone who runs a SIP PBX, SBC or application server and desires to block attacks before they cause damage. The service leans on data learned both from the customer and from its global operation, provides customers with online interface for VoIP analysis, and blocks attacks by pushing policies to customers' firewalls.


SIP Honeynet

We offer a SIP Honeynet as a free public service for the professional community. It helps to learn about quantity and sources of attacks aiming at VoIP infrastructure on the public Internet.



We are offering a component of our system, sipbeat, under a commercial source-available license: sipbeat observes SIP traffic and generates events for the popular Elastic-Search system for sake of further analysis. We hope that this component helps further research on SIP security and also helps to solve several shortcomings in Elastic's packetbeat .