VoIP Security by AaaS

Our VoIP AaaS avails over a database of attack sources and patterns and helps to block such in an early stage before they can cause DoS or fraud. The VoIP AaaS collects, aggregates and analyzes data from multiple sources for the maximum effect, and further refines them by engaging end-users in security assessment. End-users can subscribe to the AaaS, see their own event history any time, receive alerts and react upon unusual activities.

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An easy way to experience VoIP AaaS is to use the free public iptel.org SIP service and subscribe for the AaaS package. If you already have an iptel.org account, visit the AaaS site at XXX.

VoIP operators interested in AaaS need to use an ECS-compliant SIP event source (currently SIPBeat or frafos SBC) and request the AaaS Cloud service. This way resilience against DoS and fraud is dramatically increased with minimum investment in new equipment and learning its administration. Contact us for more information.