About: SIPBEAT collects plain-text SIP (RFC3261) traffic from the net and generates comprehensible SIP events that describe calls and registration. The events comply to Elastic Common Schema (ECS) and are pushed to the popular Elastic Search database. There they can be further used for CDR postprocessing, troubleshooting and most importantly security analytics. Visit our AaaS page to find how SIPBEAT integrated with VoIP Security Analytics as a Service.

Evolution: SIPBEAT is based on Elastic's packetbeat, its enhancements include SIP processing logic and adjustments of the transport layer processing where the current packetbeat hasn't been adequately mature. Upcoming features are driven by focus on security and efforts to preserve confidentiality in cloud environments and use the events intelligence to automate security responses.

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Licence: SIPBEAT comes under source-available software licence agreement that permits non-commercial use of the software such as for trialing, experimenting, auditing, research, testing, evaluation and educational purposes. Commercial licenses available upon request.