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IntuitiveLabs secures additional €900T€ funding from ProFIT Brandenburg to accelerate development

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Berlin/Falkensee, Germany – October 01, 2021 – Security startup IntuitiveLabs has secured additional €900T funding from ProFIT Brandenburg, a program sponsored by the German state of Brandenburg’s Ministry of Economics, Labor and Energy (MWAE), and backed by the EU fund for Regional Development. This will allow IntuitiveLabs to accelerate the development of it VoIP Monitoring SaaS offering.

ProFIT Brandenburg provides non-refundable grants and low-interest loans to small businesses with big ideas that meet strict criteria and are based in Brandenburg state. IntuitiveLabs will use the additional funding to speed up the product development process, from R&D and testing through to market introduction. The firm expects to begin two proof of concept deployments summer 2021.

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