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9 best VoIP call monitoring tools

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

VoIP technology has several advantages, such as making calls easier and cost-effective. It is widely used in customer service and technical support departments. Also, VoIP call monitoring meets the requirement of maintaining VoIP call quality.

VoIP services have high maintenance costs. Various steps are taken to ensure network communication. Packet loss and delays must be eliminated. VoIP issues are monitored as there is no room for poor communication performance.

Best call monitoring tools

1. ExtraHop

ExtraHop is the most powerful tool to solve VoIP performance issues. You will have the opportunity to monitor all VoIP calls in your network from a single point. You can easily detect and track devices on the network and maintain call quality with routing.

This tool is often used when setting up a network for VoIP. You have the opportunity to monitor the status, volume, and quality of all calls. You can easily access all active calls. You can quickly detect calls that are short and search for potential problems.

Best for: For those who want to track specific data such as active calls and call length.

2. Intuitive Labs

Intuitive Labs is a comprehensive VoIP monitoring tool. Its focus is monitoring network traffic, collecting data, and automatically setting rules. It can protect your network against various cyber attacks with the rules it sets.

It's handy if you want to keep your network under control. You can always get more information by contacting the technical team. It can be used to free up a certain number of devices initially. Then you have to upgrade.

Best for: For those who want all the features needed for VoIP monitoring to work automatically.

3. Site24x7 VoIP Monitoring

Site24x7 VoIP Monitoring allows you to closely monitor VoIP traffic. Evaluates traffic according to its qualities. It checks all conditions such as latency, packet loss, ping, and packet sequence errors. It is a good checking tool to evaluate VoIP consistency.

It's easy to learn about the overall VoIP performance while performing the checks. It is possible to switch between device views to keep an eye on the performance of each device. When a problem occurs, system administrators quickly identify the source of the problem.

Best for: For those who want to quickly transition between network and real user monitoring solutions.

4. ThousandEyes

ThousandsEyes is considered one of the best VoIP call monitoring tools in line with its features. It checks conditions such as latency, jitter, and packet loss. Note that these are core values that determine the quality of VoIP calls.

One of the most remarkable opportunities it will offer is that it can simulate VoIP calls. It is an essential solution to test the service quality of the VoIP service provider. You can find solutions by examining the problems in VoIP performance down to the last detail.

Best for: For those who need VoIP traffic simulation and functional troubleshooting process.

5. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor simplifies VoIP call monitoring with its free IP-SLA monitoring feature. It allows you to monitor the service quality, latency, packet loss, and mean opinion score. Also, it has an alert-based system to track performance issues.

You don't need to check the performance of your VoIP calls one by one. You can activate notifications instead. You will be notified when a VoIP call is of poor quality. Thus, you can make faster interventions and offer solutions.

Best for: For those who need pre-configured VoIP sensors and a customizable dashboard.

6. Riverbed SteelCentral UCExpert

Riverbed SteelCentral UCExpert is a proprietary platform. Because it was developed for Microsoft and Cisco environments. However, it offers VoIP monitoring thanks to its features. You can control calls and detect performance problems in different ways.

You can easily control all the traffic in the created VoIP network. You can access many details, such as the total number of calls, short calls, quality call flows, and unsuccessful calls. You can find solutions to problems by closely following performance values.

Best for: For those who want to review low-quality call history with detailed reporting.

7. SolarWinds VoIP and Network QM

SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager (QM) lets you control VoIP call performance. You have the opportunity to check important data such as latency, mean opinion score, and packet loss. Thus, you can determine the quality of calls.

After the quick deployment, you can start the process. If you review the call logs, you can identify anything that causes poor performance. You can filter calls by destination, duration, status, and quality. These filters speed up the VoIP call monitoring process.

Best for: For those who want enterprise-oriented and highly detailed VoIP management solutions.

8. VoIP Spear

VoIP Spear is a tool with which you can monitor the performance and quality of voice communications. There are test servers on different continents. Thanks to these test servers, you can get the quality of VoIP calls. It also displays mean opinion score values.

The most important aspect of the tool is that it allows you to track values online. You can easily access all performance metrics without installing the tool on devices. Thanks to its easy-to-use and modern interface, you can see everything clearly.

Best for: For those who want a tool that works as a web portal and has a competitive price policy.

9. Colasoft Capsa

Colasoft Capsa is a VoIP monitoring tool that uses a unique analysis method. You can see all the data in graphic form while tracking VoIP calls. You can closely monitor values such as loss packet, jitter, mean opinion score, and various streams.

When you look at the summary view in the tool, you can see everything you need from a single point. The best part about the tool is that it supports its findings with traffic and call statistics. It is slightly different from the others as it has unlimited IP address support.

Best for: For those looking for unlimited IP address support and the ability to control particular values.

You should use the best tools if you need a solution, including a network monitor and VoIP monitoring. The best VoIP monitoring tools will help you measure the quality of VoIP phone calls, track VoIP performance, and eliminate problems.

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