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8 best hosted VoIP providers for businesses

Companies need the best phone services to be able to communicate. Communicating over VoIP is quite advantageous. However, choosing the most suitable choice for your company among hosted VoIP providers is essential.

VoIP phones have certain advantages and disadvantages. Before making any choice, you should learn what VoIP communication is. Then you should know why you need a VoIP solution for your business.

best hosted voip providers

What is VoIP private branch exchanges?

VoIP private branch exchanges (PBX) i an office Phone systems that allows you to link virtual numbers in the regions you want and route calls to the appropriate agents, regardless of where your employees are located. Call statistics and recording, various voice menus, CRM integrations, automatic call answering after hours, video conferencing, and conditional and consistent call routing are just a few of the advanced features offered.

During the pandemic, the value of having the right VoIP phone system for small businesses became clear. When orders to stay home led to workplace closures, businesses with outdated systems struggled to answer calls. Modern, cloud-based IP phone systems, on the other hand, allowed businesses of all sizes to continue working and even expand while employees worked away from home.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems for enterprise phone services can increase productivity and teamwork. A landline phone is now unnecessary. Several options are available, from basic VoIP phone service to all-in-one platforms that include mobile, messaging, video conferencing and even contact center solutions that work with your CRM integrations and office software. This article is designed to help you make the best decision on a VoIP service for your business. Read on to learn how VoIP phone systems for small businesses work, how much they cost, and how to choose the best system for your business.

What is a virtual phone number?

Calls are routed to your current phone services through virtual phone numbers. Toll-free and VoIP phone systems for small businesses can be set up by companies to communicate through virtual IP phone numbers at minimal cost and without additional hardware, making them easy to reach. Virtual phone services are referred to as "cloud-based" because no hardware is involved.

Everything can be controlled from an online control center, from which you can choose how and where calls are routed. This can be a simple "ring-to-number," but also restrictions depending on the time of day and the availability of your customer service representatives. You can also create interactive Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) menus and configure voicemail and auto-attendant rules.

Top hosted VoIP providers for businesses

Cloud-based phone systems offer subscriptions with unlimited calling, text messaging and video conferencing. However, the functionalities differ depending on the provider and the tariff. While some VoIP phone services integrate effortlessly with your mobile device, others offer more advanced tools like AI-driven insights and real-time transcription of meetings. The base monthly fee for the best business phone service is $10 to $15 per user. Many also offer free trials.


Unite Pro, Intermedia's entry-level service, offers several capabilities that are tiered with other business VoIP phone service providers. For example, without additional upgrades, features such as HD video conferencing, business text messaging, use of cell phone apps, meeting transcription, unlimited recording, online faxing, auto-attendant, call recording and voicemail are all available out of the box.

There are many add-on options, including a second fax line, email support and a contact center. It is possible to purchase a toll-free number as an add-on option, but you'll need to talk to Intermedia about the cost. Unlike many of its competitors, Intermedia allows customers to purchase toll-free numbers and even toll-free minutes as part of a service package, rather than having to do so separately.


Nextiva provides a single-user interface for communications and teamwork. It covers many services, including advanced features. It bundles interactions between multiple channels so you can see a customer's entire history, including calls, notes, emails and text messages. Nextiva's Essential, Professional and Enterprise plans are the available options. All include a toll-free number with minutes and 45-minute video conferences with up to 250 people.

While team messaging and video conference recording are included in the basic plan, SMS/MMS and call recording are not. Free professionally recorded announcements are available for your voice mailboxes and automatic call answering in the mid-range and high-end versions. In addition, CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, and SugarCRM are integrated into the Professional and Enterprise packages.


Dialpad's entry-level package is less expensive than the packages in our ranking when paid annually. Still, it's packed with features like real-time call transcriptions, automatic post-call summaries and live voice coaching. The three memberships (Standard, Pro and Enterprise) offer file sharing, five-hour video conferencing with ten participants and unlimited calls to the United States and Canada.

They recognize that the desk phone is getting old. Dialpad Pro and Enterprise offer support for local numbers in more than 70 countries and allow international text messaging if your employees live or work abroad. Also included in these plans are Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Slack and HubSpot. The services cover many mobile devices.


RingCentral offers Essentials, Standard, Premium and Ultimate unified communications packages. There is no limit on additional packages; the basic subscription can accommodate 20 users or fewer. All versions include unlimited international and domestic calling, voicemail-to-text, SMS, team messaging and toll-free minutes. For call recording, videoconferencing and virtual faxing, you need a medium or upper subscription.

Hundreds of integrations are available, depending on the plan. Premium and Extreme, for example, are compatible with CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce. RingCentral is ideal for remote and hybrid teams because it offers a variety of collaboration and meeting features. Employees can use Team Huddle, an always-on video and chat meeting room, for spontaneous collaboration. It also offers free trials.

Although RingCentral officially offers four service levels, one of them is only accessible in certain situations. Before choosing a subscription level, consider which features are most important to your organization and how many people will have access. RingCentral offers add-ons in addition to the four main business phone plans that allow you to personalize your service.


All plans offered by Vonage include unlimited calling, texting via SMS, and cross-team messaging. You are always in control as the application center is easy to access.

You can meet all your needs by organizing small and large-scale meetings without problems.

More than 20 integration options are available, including Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite.

Depending on the features, you can facilitate communication between teams. Employees can communicate anytime and anywhere. It is supported in more than 40 countries, and the system has 99% uptime.


Ooma is among the best hosted VoIP providers for small businesses. It offers the opportunity to grow to any company using its advanced features. With a toll-free number, you take the first step toward VoIP communication.

Ooma comes with highly acclaimed features like call forwarding and blocking. It has an application used on smartphones. Also, it has features such as converting voicemail to text and creating call logs.

It allows making definitions suitable for working hours to be able to route calls correctly.

Since it is a specific mobile application, you can always have control. It offers a hassle-free first step to VoIP by providing a toll-free phone number that can work locally. The Virtual Receptionist feature makes call forwarding relatively easy. Ideal for meeting callers with the right person.


Grasshopper focuses more on small businesses. It can also help you turn your personal phone into a business phone. There is no need for separate purchases for your personal communication and company communication.

If you have any problems, there is a highly well-run customer service that you can reach 24/7. Access is possible from all devices as it has applications for desktop and mobile devices. It has solutions such as call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and comprehensive reporting.

Review hosted VoIP providers thoroughly

You should choose the one that meets your needs among the hosted VoIP providers. There is no such thing as the best at all times and under all circumstances. You should proceed by evaluating your company's needs.

You should never judge by price. In some cases, high-priced services may not meet your needs. Compare the features of all service providers by bringing them together. Go step by step in the hosted VoIP providers comparison.

There are many different hosted VoIP providers, so you may need help choosing. You should not forget that all kinds of companies can benefit from VoIP solutions packed with comprehensive features. Because hosted VoIP providers want to offer the best solution for your needs.

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