Intuitive Labs Design Philosophy

We think good software follows a philosophy. We invite you to read some of our consideration upon which we build when we produce security software, that provides an ultra-low Time-to-Respond solution for security threats.

Intuition + Data + Algorithms is what makes a program today. We put a parallel to Niklaus Wirth's equations from seventies that placed an equation between Programs and Data + Algorithms. We think the shift from Data to Big Data needs to be compensated by shift from Algorithms to Algorithms that can find what matters in vast amount of data, what we consider synonymic to Intuition.

Open-source has been fueling innovation in the past two decades. Importantly for us, shift to cloud has created credible business models for open-source companies. See how we perceive the evolution of open-source business model in the past two decades.

Security has not been the part of the Internet architecture from early on. When it began to catch up, it changed many aspects of the Internet architecture. Today, Software-Defined-Networks and manageable security devices help to answer dynamically to security threats and reduce Time-To-Respond. See our view how middleboxes emerged.