About Intuitive Labs

Real Network Security is About Real-time Judgemenet

We build modern real-time VoIP network security systems that protect infrastructure and users from Denial of Service attacks and fraud. Traditional approaches based on application-intelligence (Application Layer Gateways, Deep Packet Inspection) are having hard time to identify threats due to advances in traffic encryption, application complexity, security attack sophistication and dynamics of cloud/SDN. We are developing security solutions that work real-time, and stop illegitimate traffic quickly even before it hits servers and causes more damage.

Visit our AaaS Security page to learn how to secure your VoIP System using modern analytics methods.


  • Obsolete: #DeepPacketInspection #DPI #IntrusionDetectionSystem #IDS
  • New: #SecurityInformationEventManagement #SIEM #SecurityThatWorksInCloud #SoftwareDefinedNetworks #SDN